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HrHosting.com.mx | Professional solutions of lodging Web.

Platform s³lia for the growth of its business in line | 99,9% network uptime  |  Premium hardware |  High Performance

We are a company with but of 11 years in the market, with base in Mexico. Our company, as a vps hosting company has as objective providing a great quality of professional services in the fields of the following activity: Web Hosting, registry of the domain and streaming. We are providing cheap dedicated server linux which is a really good option for you if you want your website to be the only on that is hosted in that particular server. We also recommend you to check on our unlimited bandwidth hosting because it is going to help you a lot, you dont have to stress out about your bandwidth anymore. Other than that, we are offering cheap vps cloud hosting which you can use whenever and wherever you want.

Our solutions from packages for personal pages, SMEs, to plans for electronic commerce, allow the small companies, great medians and, to obtain a service of great capacity and quality to a price very accessible to take I finish its respective activities in line, taking advantage of the world-wide Web.

In addition to servers of high speed, availability of our network of 99,9% on line and technology of end, we offer the following thing to him.

In cases of disaster, faults of hardware or software, we have servers in two different networks towards where its domain could change. Our server are located in Data Center different, reason why these services of contingency are really applicable in an emergency.

Guaranteed satisfaction or return of your money:
If there were any situation that not outside your affability in the first 30 days, we give back its money to him, the previous thing does not apply in dedicated servers or VPS used for shoutcast.

The domains we registered them to its name and we provided a Control Panel to him for adminstrarlo. Their information and post office are safe with us.

Real capacity space in disc and traffic guaranteed for You:
We do not sobresell, we offer real services to him, with servers of high performance and right prices. He really can use the traffic and space in disc that contract.

Our clients can be sure that their servers will not overload themselves and who its availability will be highest.

It distrusts if they offer limitless space to him, or extraordinary amounts of transference. Most probable it is than they are sobreselling.

Hosting has total control of his:
With our Control Panel and rapidSSLYou can update same your Web, to raise information, to create mail accounts, to change passwords.

We just offer a service of quality and price.

Any doubt, commentary or problem, communicate with us, we will try to solve all restlessness.

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