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He undergoes the lodging Premium Web in his maximum expression.

Fast, optimized and surely

With our plans of Cloud Hosting , he can start up his site in opening and closing of eyes.  CPanel and LiteSpeed are included, for a peak efficiency.

It includes characteristics premium without additional costs.

Our servers of Cloud lodging are based on hardware of first quality with a network of first level and are designed to satisfy the needs with small businesses and personal websites, including the settled software of security, gratuitous certificates SSL, SSH and SFTP, access to multiple versions of PHP and Opcache optimization.  Also we included the software of Premium installation Softaculous.
SSD Cloud Storage for redundancy and high performance.
LiteSpeed and LSCache including.
Gratuitous certificate SSL.
Full HTTP/2
Plans and Prices
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99,9% of time of activity
With the best time of activity.  We have maintained and improved every year, and glided to continue that tendency.
Totally administered
Our equipment of administration and support highly is enabled and works the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year, eliminating the technical preoccupations, so that it can be concentrated in administering his business.
One installer Click
He includes Softaculous, he can just by install anyone of the hundreds of packages a click, including blogs, electronic commerce and more.
Backup copies
The backup copies are obligatory, will obtain a totally automatic backup copy system to make a snapshot of their installation.  It is stored externally for the recovery of the servant in case of disaster.
Guaranteed satisfaction
We are so safe that it will enjoy our premium network, premium and personal hardware highly described.
And free easy migrations
Our experts are in charge of everything with zero time of inactivity when changing their site of their old hosting.  It is a GRATUITOUS service!
Cloud Hosting
$150USD Monthly Anual/$15USD
5000 Megabyte of Space in disc
Monthly transference - Not measured
Limitless accounts of E-mail
cPanel/ LiteSpeed Optimized
5 lodged Domains
Cloud Hosting Completes to you
$250USD Annual$25USD Monthly
Disc space - Not measured
Monthly transference - Not measured
Limitless accounts of E-mail
cPanel / LiteSpeed Optimized
Domain lodged - Limitless
Endorsed by cPanel
To have a Control Panel without name is an error, which enormously makes difficult to the migrations and the support.   He is why we based our servers on cPanel, which gives total control him to add or to eliminate accounts of e-mail and names of domain, as well as to much more administer to its archives and data bases MySQL and.
Enterprise Hardware

We unfold all the plans of Web hosting in powerful servers. Furthermore we added to our hardware units SSD in configuration RAID 10 completes to offer faster yield, as well as the maximum protection against hardware faults. With speeds by above of standard and the tranquillity that offers the protection of hard disk SSD, can concentrate in letting grow its business without worrying about the technical details.

We count on LiteSpeed Web server what causes that the websites are loaded faster than the surroundings of conventional Web hosting that are in Internet. This means speeds of load of the website of WordPress very fast, as well as fast websites that are not of WordPress.

Maximum yield at any moment

Our network is connected to important suppliers, reason why it guarantees a constant connection and a superior shipment of data, being a connectivity to Internet from first order and great accessibility.

Us   we make an effort to offer the most reliable network using the best equipment, With so many companies of hosting to choose, we want to cause that this important decision is easiest possible. Our innovating technology combines capacities under demand with service of forward edge. We think that the key for a successful trade relation is obtained when understanding the needs of our clients and to fulfill this understanding.
Security and Technical Support
Approach of attention to the Client

the security of the servers is a priority. The servers are insurances and prot©g©s of million of exploits - But also it is necessary that the user participates as a society with us to satisfy his needs with security.
We use Cloud Linux, that orfrece more stable surroundings of lodging by means of the protection against abusive users, avoiding the sudden tips of resources that bring about time of inactivity.
Ours   experience allows to evaluate and to solve tickets as rapidly as possible us. The response time average is faster than the standard of the lodging companies Web.

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