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Legal conditions and on watch
Please make sure to read the following thing completely:

1. HrHosting reserves the admission right according to its conditions on watch.

2. The client or contractor accepts at the time of realising a purchase of our services the automatic and irrevocable acceptance of the terms and conditions settled down here.

The client certifies that it is adult at the time of contracting the services of HrHosting

The service will be realised once certainty by means of supporting is had of which the operation of payment has been realised.

No of the purchases can be carried out of anonymous way, the client is forced to provide to HrHosting his real and possibly provable data.

Being realised a purchase by a new client from abroad by means of credit card or paypal is to criterion of HrHosting to hope 4 days to verify if the purchase is fraudulent or to approve it, if the intention of the buyer were the registry of a domain, we are not responsible if in the course of those 4 days somebody plus it registry.

3. The Client will not be able to demand but services reason why have phelp to HrHosting, the special supplies or additional bonds in each plan are not considered either as part of a contract.

If after engaging, you notice that some characteristic of its service is not installed, please indicates it to us by means of a support ticket, with taste the support personnel will realise the installation.

If the client contract a Web hosting for a certain domain and later decides to change the domain that is using, the change of domain in hosting generates a cost of 10 dollars, by all means will have to register the new domain or to have already registered it, this cost also applies if it wishes that we change the data of administration of the service.

The advanced payment of a service determined by another service will not be able to be exchanged.

In the cases of the Web plans hosting, in some includes the registry of a domain with annual payment, also the mention €œDomains that can lodge€ talks about to the domains that can place within their Control Panel for effects to create a webpage to them, but the plan free does not include the registry of the domains that can lodge, to lodge them you must register them or have registered them.

In the plans with domain including, the domain will have to be asked for at the time of the hiring of the plan, does not apply to renew the domain if you already have it registered and contract the plan, will not be able to exchange him by another one and the registry of a domain different from will not be able to be asked for which registry for the contracted lodging.

The system of verification of domains can fail in a while certain, we do not become people in charge of which the system by error of by available a domain that or is registered and that because of that the client contracts to the registry of the domain or a plan of lodging with the registry of the domain including, she is the client who must verify totally that the domain that wishes to register is available and to exhaust means necessary to be sure that the domain this available one, in this case if I order a domain nonavailable, taste we can make the return of the phelp thing or register a different domain yet.

The services with blackberry of payment of three or more days are subject to an immediate suspension, in some services as vps, Hybrid Server, Dedicados Servers or Resellers Completes to you to reactivate generates them a position of 35 dollars by slow payment.

If some user realises an erroneous payment in the hiring of a new service, he will be able to ask for the reimbursement of his money within the 10 later days to the payment, after the 10 later days to the payment does not apply the return of the phelp thing, but the balance will be added to its favor in the area of clients so that it can use it in the payment or the purchase of another service of HrHosting.

In the case of the erroneous payment of some renovation, it does not apply return of the phelp thing, but the balance will be added to its favor in the area of clients so that it can use it in the payment or the purchase of another service of HrHosting.

In the case of erroneous payment of some domain or the plans of Web hosting with domain including, the return of the cost of the domain will not be able to be realised, this is because by their nature the registered or renewed domains are pleased to the being what it generates a cost to us.

In the case of resellers of domains, when crediting balance the commissions successfully obtained by used means of payment, or 2co, paypal or any other would discount of sent realised by resellers reason why the net amount of the shipment would be only credited.

We do not make return of the balance added by resellers of domains nor is possible to be changed by the purchase of another service, if some resellers adds balance, debera to use it in the registry of domains.

You commit yourself to abstain from abusive and profane language in our systems, public interfaces and private communications. The abuse to our personnel in any means or form will give rise to the suspension or completion of its services, please treats to our employees and personnel as it would like to be tried.

4. HrHosting solamentees responsible by the services that are described in the Web

As far as possible, we will try to maintain an availability of the service in a calculated 99% on the basis of an annual period, nevertheless, due to the nature of the provided service, an interruption could happen at any time for many reasons, HrHosting will not be responsible by any damage and damage that happen by these causes.

In the case of the plans of Web Hosting Enterprise, these can be out of line when the cluster of servers is replaced completely.

HrHosting is authorized by the client to carry out you cut programmed or not programmed in all those cases in that it is necessary to carry out some maintenance for improvement of the service or the repair of possible failures.

They could not be of our responsibility the cut of the service by agents other people's to our responsibility as natural disasters, or similars, the request of some Court of Justice by reasons for investigation to the previous client is included order.

The problems related to substitution of servant, RAID, reconstruction, restoration of accounts and attack DDOS of are taken and is difficult in these cases of giving a considered tempo of solution of the problem, beforehand we are thankful for their cooperation to him and understanding if the servant in which its account is lodged presents this kind of problems, in any case always will be a servant available to create a new account to him and you raise his own endorsement if she does not wish to hope to that the problem is solved by our administrators.

In the case of the plans of shared lodging the risk can run of which because of some user with whom it shares the servant, the IP of the servant is including in the black lists of Spam and to cause problems related to the reception of e-mails whom it sends from his service, we realised you monitor constant to warn this type with problems, but in the case of happening the account that I generate it is suspended and immediately the administration acts are realised in the servant and the necessary managements so that the IP of the servant is excluded from the black lists of Spam, the user must be conscious that to exclude the IP from the servant of the black lists of Spam it can take up to 3 days, if it does not wish to have this risk we widely suggested to contract to a VPS or a dedicated servant to him where it does not share his IP with other users.

All the announcements related to problems in our network network, maintenance to servers etc. will be published in the section of announcements of the area of clients, our RSS and simultaneously in our page of facebook and to twitter.

Important: Please subscribe to our RSS so that this opportunely informed.

5. HrHosting does not become person in charge by computer science served by third parties being able to be agents of Hardware, Software, networks, access to Internet, etc. that interfere in the good operation of served.

The technical Support:
The technical support will be available via e-mail and in the Clients Area by means of tickets of support, the technical support is limited the problems directly related to the Web Hosting as the connectivity of the servant, HTTP, FTP and services of the e-mail. HrHosting does not offer to technical support in the configuration and creation of its webpage, solution of problems of applications of third parties, such as: Lists of Email, Data bases of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Tomcat JSP, Programming PHP, Perl, Agora and Scripts of cgi.

We do not offer support for the applications settled in Fantastic, Softaculous, cgi and Easy App, Plesk Application Pack or any other car installer, the use, maintenance and updates of scripts are responsibility of the users, we recommended to read the license of use of each application.

The Scrip settled of cgi, fantastic, Softaculous, Easy App, Plesk Application Pack or any other car installer are a service of added value at no extra cost, are of free license, by such reason author nor HrHosting guarantees their service.

The technical Support does not include:

A. -  Support to its final clients (In the case of the accounts of resellers, VPS or servers dedicated occupied for resale of services).

B. - Training.

C. - Support for problems of code, programming or design.

Resolution and response time:
For tickets of support, our response time average is of less than 1 hour, and our average time of resolution of the problem is of less than 2 hours, but following the complexity of the question, a problem can require more time to be solved. Despite the previous thing and because sometimes it is not possible to us to take care of a ticket within our response time average, we offer and only we guaranteed an initial answer within the 6 hours. Tickets reviews in the order in that they are received, and they are responded of consecutive form. The count of answer and resolution of tickets begins from the moment at which it is opened in our area of Clients. When some user opens a new ticket, whereas he already has another open one and without solving, the answer and the solution of time count so that the new ticket begins from the moment at which the previous one was solved.

6. Terms of the services of the resources and caracter­ticas of the Web Hosting in platform Linux and Windows de HrHosting:

Disc space: It is the total space that you have following the plan that chose. This space includes the content of its websites, the data bases, backups and the accounts email.

Naturally he can use all the space that he has, but you must respect the following restrictions.

Obligation of use of the storage space Web:

The space assigned in hosting shared, is it only for the lodging of its webpage. Then, it is prohibited to use it to store data that do not comprise of their websites.


We offer plans with space in disc and traffic nomeasured, the HrHosting intention is to provide ample resources for the comfort of the client, so that the clients do not have to worry to exceed the limits their own webpage.

What means NoMeasured?  HrHosting in some plans of Web hosting does not have established an arbitrary limit or limit in the amount of resources that a single client can use for his webpage. Of good faith and with subjection to these Terms, HrHosting realises all the commercially reasonable efforts to offer to its clients all the resources of storage and necessary bandwidth to feed its websites successfully, as long as the use of the client of the service fulfills these Terms.

NoMeasured it does not mean limitless, HrHosting uses complexes mechanisms to protect to its clients and the systems of the abuses. The supply of HrHosting of €œHosting or Hosting NoMeasured€ in some of his plans, it does not intend to allow that the actions of a few individual clients affect unjustly or negatively the experience of other clients.

We offer plans in a service of shared lodging, which means that the websites of several clients lodge in the same servant and share the resources of the servant. The service of lodging NoMeasured in a shared servant it is designed to satisfy the typical needs with small and usuary businesses caretaker. It is not tried to support the demand and sustained growth of the great companies, or atypical applications more adapted for a VPS or a dedicated servant.  Any use of resources of the CPU considered by HrHosting as outside the normal thing in the use of resources on the part of a client it is not allowed.

With the purpose of to guarantee a consistent experience and of quality for all the clients, HrHosting makes verifications to protect to the users against any abusive user of resources of   CPU.

Space NoMeasured:  In the plans with space NoMeasured   HrHosting does not establish arbitrary limits in the amount of space in the disc that a client can use for the website, nor acquires additional honoraria based on a greater amount of used storage, as long as the use of storage of the client fulfills these terms.

The service of Hosting NoMeasured it is designed to lodge websites and it is it only for the lodging of his webpage. Then, it is prohibited to use it to store data that do not comprise of their websites.

HrHosting   it does not offer limitless space of storage in line, the assigned space is not so that the user keeps backup copies or for electronic file storage, including of audio-video, documents, emails, archives of registry, etc, and any use of the prohibited considered ones will give rise to the completion of account of the Client, with or without previous warning.

You are contracting lodging for his website, is not a service of load or unloading of archives, the accounts of lodging of websites do not have to be used with aims of storage for this aim due to the high load that they generate, for this intention please contracts to deprived surroundings, as it is it a VPS, or dedicated servant.

If HrHosting discovers that in his space it lodges data that do not correspond to their webpage, we can at any time solicit retires the archives that do not correspond to their webpage and if contingency not covered by law becomes is come to suspend its account.

The limit of sent maximum of emails per hour by domain is established in 125 per hour, with the exception of the Enterprise plans in which it sent maximum of emails per hour by domain is of 600.

The service of shipment and reception of emails that offers in the lodging plans Web is for normal use of interchange of e-mails reason why it is prohibited to use it for emarketing or shipment of massive e-mail. If it wishes to realise emarketing or shipment of massive e-mail please is put in touch with us asking for information, with taste we will provide a solution to him.

If you employ an e-mail client to verify his emails will have to be formed so that it verifies the emails every ten minutes or more, if it forms shorter times to verify the emails by means of an e-mail client can cause that the servant blocks the IP of the user and this only can be unblocked by means of a support ticket, the previous thing is only applied to lodging accounts Web in shared servant, if contract deprived surroundings as it is it a VPS, a hybrid servant or a dedicated servant does not have this restriction.

By security, we do not offer remote access to data bases from outside our network. (If you wish to connect yourself remotely to the data bases, we suggested to contract a service to him of deprived surroundings as it is it a VPS).

Resources of the servant: The resources of a servant are () the processor (it is) (CPU) and RAM, used by their applications and websites.

Each client has his own resources of the servant, but the use of the resources is limited.

If its account needs too many resources, it will have to diminish the level of use of resources of the servant or to choose a supply of dedicated lodging or a VPS.

If the use of the resources consequently has the diminution of the availability of other services for the clients of HrHosting, its site could temporarily be suspended and according to the gravity of the problem possibly without previous warning, the client will be notified of the fact so that she reduces the load of his website. HrHosting and its representatives will be the only referees in determining if a website excessively uses the resources of the servant, their account could be activated if you realise the necessary changes so that she stops consuming excessive resources.

The client is responsible for the information that she places in his website, or the use of post office, being final prohibited those that the law stipulates.

HrHosting does not take responsibility:

- Of the content lodged in the space attributed to the client by the service/lodging plan.
- Of the errors produced by the access suppliers (isp).
- Of the contamination by virus in its equipment, whose protection is incumbent on the client.
- Of the intrusions of third parties in the service of the client although HrHosting it has established protection measures.
- Of the defective configuration on the part of the client
- Of the deteriorations of the equipment (terminal of the client) or badly use (responsibility of the client).

7. If the activity of any client generates lawsuit against HrHosting, the client will be responsible by all the caused financial damage to HrHosting, as well as the rest of other legal expenses (that is to say, lawyers, costs of the transport, etc).

The client commits himself to maintain operative, activates and updated direction email provided in the form of hiring for the communications with HrHosting, since it constitutes preferred mass media of HrHosting for agile and fluid management in the benefit of the service.

If it changed direction email facilitated in the hiring form the client is commited to communicate the change to HrHosting in the maximum term of 5 days so that the communication between both parts is not interrupted.

The client is the only person in charge of the use and conservation of login and password of the Control Panel since they are the necessary identifiers for the access to the Control Panel of the service/plan of contracted lodging and to extranet of client and who allow to contrast to HrHosting, the authentication of the access and to facilitate the permission to the activities that are asked for from these tools. The use of these identifiers and the communication, even to third people, takes place under the only responsibility of the client.

The client is responsible for any illegal use of his account, even if the unsuitable activity was committed by a client, friend, member of the family, guest or employee his. Therefore, you must take measures to make sure that others not to obtain nonauthorized access to his account. In addition, you cannot use his account to violate the measures of protection of another account or to try to obtain nonauthorized access to another network or servant.

8. It is final prohibited to use the services assigned by HrHosting to realise (SpamE-mail nonasked for), to be as intermediary or similar.

The system of mail including in its plan of hosting is not allowed to realise the following activities being used:

€¢ Phishing (to acquire confidential data of fraudulent form).
€¢ Shipment of e-mail with hidden or modified heads.
€¢ Massive shipment of e-mail with the intention to deshabilitar a mail account (Mailbombing).

€¢ Massive shipment of commercial e-mail €œemarketing€. (Except in dedicated VPS and servers as long as it is not Spam).

€¢ Shipment of e-mail with threats, content unsuitable or other people's to the moral and moral convention.
€¢  To use other external services of shipment of commercial mail to promote a domain lodged in our servers (spamvertising), HrHosting will treat it just as the Spam and will apply the described policies previously.
It is important that each user knows and obeys the laws settled down in each country for the shipment of commercial mail. Before any controversy arisen by differences of laws between regions or HrHosting countries it has the power to delay, to suspend or to eliminate any type of commercial shipment, at any time.

The shipment of e-mail nonasked for (SPAM). It includes but it is not limited the massive shipment of e-mail with commercial propaganda, informative announcements, political or religious requests, announcements, etc
(1 only email sent to a person who I do not ask for it is considered Spam).
This type of messages could only be sent to the people whom explicitly they asked for to receive this type of information by means of a system of reliable shipment, obeying strictly the laws of each country.

In case of some complaint, HrHosting will solicit, as it considers advisable, the verification from which these people accepted to receive this type of material.

HrHosting we did not tolerate the Spam shipment from our servers or the shipment of Spam to promote domains lodged in our servers.

The redireccionamiento to Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail is not available in some of our plans by protection to the servant and to the service of the users, the reason is the following one: If to you they send a mail to him nonwished or Spam to an email of the domain that is lodged in the servant and you you have formed a redirection to Hotmail for example, the email of the servant where it has formed the redirection, resends the Spam to its direction of hotmail and hotmail detects it outside as if Spam sent from its domain lodged in the servant and reports the IP and to the domain causing many problems then to the being reported by hotmail the IP and the domain enter the black lists of Spam harming to all the users of the servant (please it asks or indicates before contracting to us if you wish that we place its account in a servant without this restriction).

Also prohibited in our network of servers and services:

To use Internet Relay Chat (€œIRC€).

To execute any robot of IRC or any servant of IRC.

To use our service to send denial-of-service attacks (Two) to any computer or network.

To use our services for any type of HYIP, Autosurf, proxy, or bit torrent.

To use our service to lodge websites of unloading of software. All the websites with the use of bandwidth or the use of the disc that consists mainly of the unloadings will be suspended (it does not apply to dedicated servers or VPS, as long as software is legal).

To use our service to offer the gratuitous services that they include, but they are not limited hosting gratuitous, service of gratuitous e-mail, gratuitous service of blogs, gratuitous pages, hosting free of images (it does not apply to dedicated servers or VPS, as long as he is legal).

To use our service as a storage area of archives other people's to its website. Any use of the services is strictly destined to the website that the account.

Phishing (to acquire confidential data of fraudulent form), Hacker, Warez, Cracker, to use the servant for illicit, IRC, explicit sex or naked aims, pedophilia, zoophilia, terrorism, storage of music without the author rights or similars, etc. consumption in excess of the resources of the servant, abuse of the service, against moral convention, racism and everything what it attempts with the security of the servant and the sites lodged in.

The installation of chat directly programmed in the account, if it wishes you install a chat must of being installed an external chat by means of a code (it does not apply to dedicated servers or VPS, as long as he is legal).

If any type of diffusion of pirate software detected itself in the Site of some user (Unloadings, I connect, etc) this is annulled of our servers without no restoration, He considers that also the software companies can take action. (Any content outside the law will be reported immediately to the international authorities and of the country where the person in charge of the website resides).

We reserved the right to add more restrictions, if such restrictions are reasonably necessary to maintain an efficient operation of the service of lodging for all the users.

9. Or the service could be suspended by reasons for abuse in the service, negligences on the part of the client who causes problems to the servant and to the other users of HrHosting, or for want of payment of the user, if the user has more of a service could be suspended for want of payment of some of them to consideration of HrHosting, this suspension includes to the domains.

If the client does not realise the payment of his account, this will be eliminated completely of the system in a term of 5 days after its day limits of payment. The possibility of a prorogation for the payment of the service always exists, please solic­tela if it is disabled to pay his service in I finish before described.

10. The service of Web Hosting (nondomains), will be able to be suspended under the following terms:

a. At the request of the client.

b. When the service is used by some stipulated illegal act previously.

HrHosting will not be able to assume expenses nor reimbursements of any type majors to the received ones by the payment of the benefit of the service and only within the 15 initials from the activation or the payment of the same, any reimbursement would not be realised if the service is renewed, that is to say it only applies the first year of the service. (It does not apply the return in Dedicated Servers, Hybrid Server, VPS, services of audio Streaming of or Video, thus as in the Enterprise Plans).

* Once phelp to the registry or transference of some domain they do not have return some due to the nature of the same (they become of year to year or according to periods contracted by the client without regressive possibility), therefore the domain will not be able to modify until culminating its period of contract.

11. The integrity of all the information, data bases and archives that conform the website is responsibility of the client, el client is committed to maintain an up-to-date copy of all the content that lodges in HrHosting:

We make backup copies of the accounts, nevertheless, we did not guarantee that the backup copy is complete or that we are going to have a backup copy of its account. We will deliver all the attacks possible to recover a backup copy in case of being necessary but without no responsibility or obligation on the integrity of these, we offer this service without guarantee, and only as a courtesy.

HrHosting does not take responsibility of the loss or of the accidental erasure or by any cause of the data and it does not guarantee the replacement of them, it widely recommends the client who realises his own endorsements of the lodged website, we do not become people in charge of incomplete backup copies and we did not provide any type of indemnification in case the backup copy is not present or who we do not have a backup copy of its account.

HrHosting maintains its own backup copies of archives, Web and database servers. These backup copies can be used in case of disaster by to recover a servant who has failed or HDD. These backup copies are not for use of the customized client nor for requests of restoration of the sites, if the client does not have his own endorsement can ask for the restoration from his website to a cost of 20 Dollars because she is needed time and work to recover a website, if the restoration is necessary by a problem of hardware in the servant will not have cost.

IMPORTANT:  Any website that is using more of 15GB of space will be terminated of the service of backup copy, that is to say, backup copies to the websites would not be realised that occupy but of 15GB of space.

It is responsibility of the client to make backup copies of all their website, the client is responsible to thus maintain his own backup copies of the archives placed in the servant as of the content of the post office and reestablishing these in case of some lamentable event that caused the accidental erasure or by any cause of the data.

It is important to understand and we must let very clearly responsibility to it have backup copies falls on the client. He does not leave happens to him to you! Please he realises periodically backup copies of his website and archives.

12. If in case of Hosting, the client got to exceed the services provided in relation to the transference or would be on the verge of doing it, can solicit without cost grant but temporary transference to him, but in case the use of extra transference is repeated, she would ask for myself to pay to him by the excesses to the effective tariff or to contract to a plan superior.

13. The client can give by finished the contract of benefit of services when she wishes it, is enough to notify it, with the exception of contracts of VPS, dedicated Hibryd server and servers, in this case will have to notify the cancellation of the service with 15 days of anticipation.

The client accepts that HrHosting as private enterprise, reserves the right to maintain or not a negotiation with the client.

HrHosting can give by finished the contract of benefit of services with the client when it wishes it, respecting the term of the contract if it were pleased in advance or making equivalent return of the payment, warning the minimal client 15 days before.

14. If HrHosting carried out a change in the prices of the services/lodging plans, such modification will be notified to the clients before they are affected by the variation, so that if did not agree in accepting this change exercises the right to drop from rolls its service without needing paying to additional amount some to HrHosting while it maintains his phelp quota. When finalizing the term of payment in advance, will be resolute the contract and, therefore, it will inflict losses his service if nonacceptance of the new price stayed in his.

The violation of anyone of the norms conditions on watch before described, automatically will mean the definitive cancellation or temporary (according to responsibility and submissive sanctions of the supplier) of the account of hosting or acquired service, without right to reclamation nor reimbursement and the content of the website it will be eliminated without previous warning.

Any doubt or explanation in relation to the previous thing please does not doubt in communicating with us to the following email:
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