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We operate our servers in datacenters of world-wide class

NAC Data Center: NAC (Net Access Corporation) is located in Parsipanny, New Jersey and is considered one of the best networks of the world. NAC is one of the majors suppliers in Massachusetts for the zone of Washington DC, with approach in the central market in New York and New Jersey, has connections with a level of multiple suppliers of main network as Level3, AboveNet, UUNET, Internap, Genuity and more than 300 points of interconnection and suppliers of transit that crosses three countries of North America and Europe.

AtlantaNAP: The AtlantaNAP de Atlanta is the newest datacenter created by the proprietors of Global Net Access (GNAX) after 12 years in the business of Internet.

DimeNOC:  Datacenter located in Orlando, FL in the United States of America, offers multiple connections from GigE to Tier 1 that are supplying of band width as 3 Level and Time Warner, the network of datacenter is 100% equipped with router and switches Cisco, is a superfluous network loaded and balanced using end technology.

Our network is connected to important suppliers, reason why it guarantees a constant connection and a superior shipment of data, being a connectivity to Internet from first order and great accessibility.

We strived to offer the most reliable network being used the best Cisco equipment with connections to suppliers as Savvis, Telia, PCCW-BTN, Global Crossing and Sprint.
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