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The beginning of its Web

How I begin to work with my account?
In less than 30 minutes, it will have its account and its Control Panel available and will be able to work with them.
The first step is to raise its files by means of FTP.
Our software of recommended FTP is Filezilla, WS_FTP or CuteFTP, programs with which will be able to create new files and to eliminate or to sobrescribir the existing ones of a very simple way. This software can obtain in:

How I form the FTP software?
Once formed his domain we will by email send electronic his name of user and its password to him. In order to form software FTP it introduces as name of host €œ€ and as User-ID and Password the name of user and the password that we have sent to him. We recommended it that on the matter it as rapidly as possible points his name of domain at our DNS (contacts with us if it has some doubt), that way its account will be totally operative in the smaller time, will receive more information in our email of welcome.

In what folder of the servant I keep my archives?
All visible archives from the Web must be within the folder public_html of the servant.

I cannot accede to the FTP in spite of using the correct user and password!
If you always have been able to accede to the FTP without disadvantages and in a while determined she cannot do it, being certainly the user and password they are well.
If you have a message of €œDisk Quota Exceded€ when trying to raise archives by means of his FTP, she means that its account has won the space assigned in disc. This can happen so that their archives of Web Hosting (HTML, images, etc.) have surpassed the contracted disc capacity.

What I must do if I cannot connect with my domain?
If it has already received our email of welcome means that its domain is preparation to lodge its Web, before sending this email to him our technicians have verified who its domain works correctly, if even so you follow without being able to connect to his domain the causes can be the following:

1. - A User-ID is using or an incorrect Password, verifies that it is correctly using the data that we sent to him by email. It remembers that it must write the capital and very small User-ID and the Password respecting or otherwise the system will reject to him.

2. - It is using the correct data and even so it cannot connect. With almost all security Internet it is not solving his name of domain correctly, makes sure that it aims correctly at our DNS. If it is not thus, it points his name of domain at the DNS that we will send to him in our email of welcome (it contacts with us if it has some doubt on the matter). It remembers that once modifies the DNS at which it points his domain can take up to 12-48 hours to propagate totally by the Internet network.

3. - The data are correct and its name of domain has been pointed at our DNS for more than 48 hours. It verifies that its name of domain has not been blocked for some reason (consults emails that has received). It cleans the cache of his navigator and tries again.

4. - If other people can accede but you no, you have patience, its supplier of Internet has perhaps not updated its registries DNS.

5. - If still it is not able to accede to his Web it contacts with us and describes his problem to us. It is very probable that it is having connectivity problems that must be solved by their supplier of access to Internet.

Who is the proprietor of my domain?
You are the proprietor, even though she is registered through HrHosting, you you will have the property on the same.

I have modified my domain but not yet I see the changes?
If you have modified his domain with anyone of the following actions:
€¢ Change of Servers of Nombre (DNS)
€¢ Change Direction E-mail
Or any other modification, must hope between 12 and 48 hours so that these changes propagate in Internet. This is to which Effect of Propagation is denominated, and before this we cannot accelerate the process because he exclusively depends on his recorder and the different ISP and bases WHOIS from the world, and not of our service.

That happens if the term of domain has won?
This varies according to the policies of its recorder. First that will happen it is that the recorder deactivates his domain in the date of victory and consequently its page will stop appearing in Internet being able until getting to lose its name of domain, depends on the practice of his recorder. For that reason it is of extreme importance of renewing the domain before the victory of the term to avoid the loss of his domain. In HrHosting, we will notify with sufficient advance the Victory of his domain to come to his renovation.

What is the Propagation of a Domain in Internet and for which delay?
When it is acquired or a domain moves and the DNS to that domain are added to him the new data must be updated in some great servers at world-wide level and it can take some of 12 to 72 hours. Internet is an enormous network where thousands of data run from a side to another one of the world. But this network is maintained to something and that something is 14 great servers, who are those that firmly maintains the interwoven network so that everything works correctly. These machines translate the language of the domains ( to numerical directions IP that allow that the internaut accedes to the Web that interests to him. For it a servant DNS is used (Domain name server, servant of domain name) who provides the access supplier (ISP). And these servers depend necessarily on €˜root server€™, who are able to direct the chaos of the enormous traffic of Internet. He depends on them, to communicate the computers worldwide how to arrive at a certain domain name. Nevertheless these servers only provide the information. Soon the work comes from the access suppliers to Internet, those that they have €œperiodically to read€ these great servers, so that who connect themselves through their services they can visualize these domains. The complete process takes between 12 and 48 hours, being able to even reach more in certain hour conditions and from excess of registries, modifications, eliminations, etc. This it is the reason by which when registering or modifying a domain, the service of Web Hosting does not have as accelerating the process of propagation, since it depends on the recorder, these great servers and their tables DNS, and of the own ISP of connection to Internet used by the users. The process that takes more doubtlessly is the one of renovation and beginning of a domain that has expired, because it crosses some steps more than the one of a simple registry or modification.

That means To transfer the Domain?
The recorder transference talks about exclusively to whom will give you the administration to him of the domain. It does not mean under any concept that you lose the control or property on the same, instead of to only administer it in the original recorder, will be able to administer it by means of the new recorder.

Which must be the name of my main page?
The name of its main page or Home page must be index.htm, in small letters, otherwise its Web will not be loaded automatically.

I own a folder cgi-bin?
Yes. In this directory scripts cgi will be able to execute his. It can install his own scripts or anyone of gratuitous programs that will find in the network.

Names of files and allowed directories?
Its Web is going to be lodged in an operating system Linux, this system is sensible to capital letters and very small, soon €œarchivo.php€ is not just like €œARCHIVO.php€. We advised to him not to use characters such as! € · $ % &/() = * @: €˜to prevent errors, e±es (n) nor accents cannot be used, also we advised the use to him of small letters to name files and directories, and we suggested lengths to him of short names and without spaces.

What security they have the servers?
The servers are monitored the 24 hours of the day and have Firewalls and other safety measures against a possible attack.

I have a service of statistics for my domain?
Yes. All the range of lodging that we offer to him possibly has on watch daily statistics realised with AWStats the best and more complete statistics of Internet.

What languages of script client/server I can use?
Generally scripting will be able to use any language that it has supported to open connection sock remote as they can be Perl, SQL, C, PHP.

I will be able to use PHP5?
Yes. All the range of lodging that we offer to him can use PHP5.

I have a basic service of Data?
Yes. All the plans of lodging that we offer to him have on watch basic MySQL data with graphical administrator €œphpMyAdmin€.

What options I have in my Control Panel?
It will be able to administer his e-mails, to change to the permissions of his archives and directories, to protect his directories with htaccess (allowing to the entrance only by means of login and password), to accede and to administer MySQL, to accede to the service of statistics, accounts FTP, Webmail, etc.

I can use safe servant SSL?
It has support SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to realise security transactions as it can be a Footbridge of Payment. This method allows to communication encriptada between the navigator of a user and his Web.
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