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SLA guarantee:

HrHosting guarantees the availability of network by means of SLA contract.

Guarantee of network availability:

One talks about to the time in which the servant has available the connectivity to Internet in the port of assigned network.

The availability of the service calculates according to the following formula:

D = (T - Td)/T

D: it is the up time of the service.

T: it is the monthly total time.

Td: it is the time with total losses of connectivity. This time of loss, he will be equal to that passes from the opening of the incidence, until the closing of this incidence.

In case of loss of real availability of this level on watch, the penalties of the following table will be applied, measures in percentage of discount on the monthly invoicing of the servant in which it fails the connectivity.


99% > D >= 98%/25% Discount
98% > D >= 96%/50% Discount
96% > D >= 90%/75% Discount
D < 90%/100% Discount

Calculation of the down time:

The calculation will settle down since the news to HrHosting of the problem has occurred, or since HrHosting has appreciated the problem (opening of the incidence). The time of the incidence finalizes when HrHosting verifies that this service has been recovered completely (incidence closing).

Down time is not considered that one due to problems derived from an evil use of the network, or a bad configuration of the network on the part of the Client or by problems of its ISP.

This guarantee is exclusively with reference to the Network, and never by other concepts as failure, hardware failures of configuration, etc.

The client has to hereby ask for in writing the return of the amount guarantee, being indicated the day in that the cut has taken place, and the time approximated of cuts.

The amount of the return will be added on credit in the account of the client, and will be deduced of the following invoice by the service.
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