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Policy of privacy:

HrHosting takes very in serious the protection of its personal information. Wishing to protect its rights, we have established this policy of privacy.

They do not doubt in contacting to us if you have you ask or restlessness concerning this subject.

Use of personal information.

HrHosting, will not sell, would rent, give, change or will give its email address, her postal code, its telephone number or any personal data to a third party without its explicit permission. Its personal information is protected. HrHosting, will use the personal information of the client when it is necessary for communication effects, to only grant contracted services and to obtain the honoraria due.

Spreading of personal information.

Whereas the client gives a legal use to the provided resources in the benefit of the service, HrHosting is committed not to reveal the personal information that it obtains from the client and it assures that the data contributed by the client will be only used for aims related to the benefit of the acquired service.

HrHosting, will reveal its personal information, only to a third party if it is demanded by the law as test by an order of valid Court of competent jurisdiction.
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