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Frequent basic questions

Why we don't offer plans with limitless characteristics?
We will offer limitless plans when we find hard disks with limitless capacity and also limitless connections to Internet. We are serious, that policy gives to abuses and other problems. If You love problems to medium term contract with one of those sites that offer limitless or little realistic benefits, soon found overloaded problems and servers.

We count on a plan designed for users whom constantly they require to increase the capacity of space in his website, this plan we denominated it €œCompletes Hosting to you€ when contracting it his Web hosting is given with 100000 Megabyte of storage, if the user only requires more space must ask for it by means of a ticket and he is increased to him free, in this way takes a control and we can transfer users to other servers releasing space when it is required thus avoiding overloads and saturation in the servant.

The limitless transference is due to differentiate from the transference not-measurement. In HrHosting we offer plans with transference not-measurement (that if it is possible), which means that the transferred data are not moderate and the allowed amount is only limited by the port capacity.

We simply decide to clear the transference limits and to annul to the collections by traffic surplus, this supply is possible because we counted on capacity superior the very used one by all our clients.

That he is hosting or Web hosting?
Hosting is the service to give to the client a space in servers with permanent and trustworthy connections to Internet, to place its Web and that this accessible one for any person anywhere of the world.

That is a domain?
A domain is your Internet address. To acquire a domain is to have the right to use that direction, exclusively and for everybody. A domain is, for example,

What is the difference between hosting and a domain?
Hosting is a space for your Web in a servant. Hosting without own domain can be had, as, although he is not nothing professional. The domain is the direction of your Web in Internet, something easy to remember so that the internauts key it in the navigator and accede to your Web. You can have all the domains that you want without having hosting, to only avoid that nobody but has it, or to use it with services of redireccionamiento Web and mail.

Does whatever take in registering a domain?
Immediately after receiving his request and you confirm his payment, is realised the registry of the domain.

How long llevaria to have assets the lodging?
In about 30 minutes after you confirm his payment, it will receive an e-mail with the data of his plan of lodging and passwords of access to the manual, Control Panel of use, data of mail configuration, etc and you will be able to make use of the service.

I can update my pages whenever it wants?
You have limitless access via FTP the 24 hours of the day. He can create and maintain his Web from his PC and send the files to his Web when he wishes it.

I have to necessarily contract one of the announced plans?
No, if you have some as much specific needs of capacity as in applications she can send an email to us to and we will send to a budget customized plan to him.

I can change of lodging plan?
You can change of lodging plan when she creates it advisable.

That Data bases I can use?
Podre to work with data bases MySql, PostgreSQL.

I can provide with accomodations a domain with .com extension .tv .ws .in or .cl, etc? If, indeed, it can provide with accomodations any type of domain.

In the tariff of the service of lodging this already including the domain?
No, the prices of lodging do not include the domain, safe in the option of annual payment. You can contract the domain with us or with any other company, she can transfer a domain that already she owns, etc. By all means we we facilitated the necessary data to him so that she transfers our servant.

I can register a domain without lodging it with you?
If, it is possible to only register the domain, the space Web or both possibilities

It registers a domain, but escribi badly I can change it?
We felt it but no, make sure well that the domain name is correct before asking for the registry.

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