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Questions pre-sale | Dedicated servers

How long they take to form a Servant dedicated, Hybrid Server or VPS after making an order and confirming the payment?

If the order is during the zone times of office (9am - 5pm Monday -  Friday), can be formed in the same day. If the order is after capable hours, the following working day will be formed, nevertheless the delivery of its VPS or dedicated servant can take up to 72 hours, the orders realised during the weekend can undergo a slight delay.

They offer Dedicated VPS and Servers administered?

Yes we offer Dedicated VPS, Hybrid Server and Servidores totally administered. In order to please obtain more detailed data of click here.

Migrate my account of lodging/can websites of another supplier?

Yes, as long as you are using the same Control Panel. Please, it follows the normal order. Once it receives the email of welcome and the data of its service in its e-mail please sends ticket through our area of clients soliciing the transference.

I need my own name domain at the time of asking for a service?

Yes, with the purpose of acquiring a plan either of VPS/Hybrid Server or dedicated Servidor it needs a domain, or that at the moment has it registered or solicits we register it we when soliciing the service.

I can lodge sites with adult content (XXX), sites illicit warez or content?

No, please it consults our conditions on watch so that it sees the permissible and nonpermissible content.

Where located are the servers?

We operate our servers in datacenters of world-wide class, NAC, AtlantaNAP and DimeNOC. These Datacenters provides to our clients complete redundancy.

They offer a guarantee of time of activity?

Yes, we offer a time of activity of 99.9% on hardware the SLA guarantee.
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