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Publishing its webpage

He can transfer the archives of his computer to the servant through a program known as client FTP (File Transfer Protocol). With this program he can vice versa transfer the archives of his website from his computer to the servant and. Several programs exist FTP clients, but to form normally the following data are only required them:

Name of the servant or Host:
Name of the account or User: suusuario  
Password of the account or Password: xxxxxx  
Directory to raise the archives: Depending the servant in which this lodging, in the welcome e-mail would be specified to him in which directory to raise the archives.

Some clients of FTP ask for the number of port to connect themselves, in this case is the 21.

Activation step by step:

We are going to show to them as forming a client of gratuitous FTP called FileZilla:

1. If you use first who must do is to lower the FileZilla program:

2. - The program installs.

3. In order to enter the archives his servant with FileZilla it must put the data of access FTP that were assigned when contracting the service to him of lodging, these data are written in the part superior of the program.

As example observes the following image, to put on the image the cursor and to move scrol to extend.
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