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Common questions | Dedicated servers

What is a Dedicated Servant?
It is a computer science equipment, adapted conditions of high performance that allows to have him the 24 hours us of the day 365 days of the year.

This equipment normally is in Datacenters, cooled with superfluous security systems and light, as well as national and international connectivity.

With a servant it can execute all type of applications in a machine with the characteristics hardware that but adjust their needs.

Servers of post office, data bases, Web servers, of games are some of the main services that can be offered in a dedicated servant.

That he means with €œAdministered Servers?
Our line of dedicated servers is managed to the 100% what means that we will take care of the configuration and the solution of problems that could appear in their dedicated servant.

You will not have to worry about the updates of software or some exchange rate who is necessary to realise in the servant, can do it by You and without no type of extra position.

It is important to try to clarify exactly what he is covered by the managed services click here for but info.

Complete access root?
When contracting a dedicated servant You will be able to accede with the privileges of root to his servant. You obtain total control on the servant, allowing him to realise the changes that the installation needs as well as software.

Which is the difference between a dedicated Servant and shared lodging?
With a dedicated servant you tendra its own resources, whereas in surroundings of shared lodging the resources of the servant are shared between all the accounts in the servant. On a shared environment that is limited to use the functions allowed by their supplier, whereas in a dedicated servant he is free to deactivate/to activate the characteristics that wish.

How I can administer my dedicated servant?
You will have access root and will be able to administer to his servant dedicated from his WHM and cPanel.

WHM is the Control Panel of administration. It allows the management and creation of accounts of lodging in his Servant. Some functions that can realise are to create and to manage all the accounts of lodging, limit of space in disc, bandwidth, accounts of e-mail, e-mail, to change passwords of accounts, to verify the state of the servant.

cPanel is the Control Panel of lodging accounts that allow him to manage the account of individual lodging. Between its functions they are included to create/to eliminate e-mail accounts, to see statistics of the website, to see information of use of the bandwidth of the account, parked management of domains, subdomains, domains, to administer and to create data bases mysql, to add/to eliminate accounts FTP, to use pre-installed tools outposts as cron jobs, protection of hotlink, access to scripts.

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