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Dedicated servers
Optimization of the servant | Migration from its old supplier | Audit of the servant and securing
We free offer the management of its servant:
It allows that one of our system adiniatrators level 3 it protects and it administers his operating system. Our system adiniatrators with experience can install and to form by you the applications 3rd party, to optimize the processes to reduce the load of the servant and to harden the servant to avoid that the data are jeopardizes. The support is available the 7 days of the week, the 365 days of the year.
Plans and Prices
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Dedicated servers
Intel Atom D525
Intel Core i5 4570
Intel Xeon E3-1230v3
Int. Xeon E5-1650v3
$195 USD Monthly or
$2145 USD Annual
  $219 USD Monthly or
$2409 USD Annual
$230 USD Monthly or
$2530 USD Annual
$323 USD Monthly or
$3553 USD Annual
Dual Core 4 1,8 xs ghzQuad Core 4 3,2 xs ghzQuad Core 8 3,3 xs ghz
The 6 Cores 12 3,5 xs ghz
 Ram memory
 Hard disk
2x250 GB
2x500 GB
2x500 GB
2x1 TV
 Port of 1Gbps

20 Gbps de Protecci³n DDos  Free!         Panel of control cPanel/WHM Free!           3 directions IP

Our line of dedicated servers is connected to a premium network of low latency and includes KVM on IP, with totally superfluous infrastructure. In center of data, the day and night to help with the hardware and the problems related to the network are available technicians throughout.

Scalability, control and yield
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It needs help?
We are here for You, we have an excellent equipment of support, we will make sure that doing all the possible one to solve its subject and that their experience with our personnel is nice.
Fast unfolding
After constructing, to try, to harden and to assure, we implemented the new servant for our client. Any specification sent along with its order will be taken care of and, finally, we will send the data to him of beginning of session.
Personalizable security
We assure each servant before giving it to our clients, which means that it has firewall, rDNS formed, MySQL, FTP, SSH and other services (potentially sensible) and the Segurados ports and/or closed.
It needs more?
If it requires more hard disks, RAM or a greater processor, ask to us! Generally, we do upgrades the same day, and we proved the general condition of his servant before returning to give it. If it even has questions it does not doubt in contacting to us €œ
Each dedicated servant includes the administration and can more or less be customized to his taste with memory, hard disks, speeds of port and bandwidth. He does not doubt in putting itself in touch with us to realise any question with respect to our services or if he wishes some modification to some servant of our pre-designed line.
Audit of the servant and securing
Migration from its old supplier
Installation of programs 3rd Party
Recovery of disasters/Hack
OS/Kernel updates
Solution of problems of Level 1 at Level 3
To install/To form short fires
Optimization of the servant
DDoS protection available
Without limitations of growth
99,9% Network
Premium network of low latency

If it asks for it we have available to an extra cost HDD of solid state (SSD), much more fast that the regular hard disks to guarantee the maximum yield and reliability.
Each servant includes the administration and can more or less be customized to his taste with memory, hard disks, speeds of port and bandwidth.
Our network is connected to important suppliers, reason why it guarantees a constant connection and a superior shipment of data, being a connectivity to Internet from first order and great accessibility.

Our line of servers is connected to a premium network of low latency, with totally superfluous infrastructure.
We use only hardware of enterprise level, that offers a yield and a reliability superior.

Ours   experience allows to evaluate and to solve tickets as rapidly as possible us.
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