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Types of domains

He is advisable, that the domain name is identifying and is related to the activity which we are going to exert in Internet, that is the same or similar that the name of the company.

In order to be able to register a domain, it is not necessary to comply with no type of requirement, simply, that the domain is free at the time of the registry, with the exception of some territorial domains as they can be *.net.mx or .edu .mx or gob.mx (In the case of these territorial domains please of asking the requirements before asking for the registry if it does not know which are).

The names of domains, can be registered with different extensions. Next, we showed to him most well-known:

International or Generic domains:
They can be registered by all type of legal natural people and of any part of the world without special requirements. This type of domains is economic and of very fast registry, they are those that have more use in the network

- .com domains: The .com extension, is most well-known in the Internet, and, certainly easiest to remember. This extension is an abbreviation of the commercial word. The network is full of .com, reason why registering a domain this type, his organization will acquire an overall nature aspect.

- .org domains: The .org extension, is thought for organizations of all type, although it is certain that it is registered by companies to protect his brand in Internet.

- .net domains: This extension, equal of is used that .com, and although was created for the technological companies, this extension is registered as second option, if .com were not available. Also it is used to reinforce the brand of the company

- .edu domains: Used for educative aims.

- Domains .tv: Used in companies of video, cinema and television mainly.

- .info domains: Destined mainly for companies of information, newspapers magazines, etc.

- .biz domains: It comes from the articulation of English €œbusiness€, reason why they are dedicated to commercial activities and of businesses.

- Domains .cc: This extension has a special interest for which they try to secure a global domain and they do not have possibility of obtaining .com that wishes.

- Domains .ws: The abbreviations .ws are identified with Web site, reason why it is a magnificent option for all type of websites. In addition, due to his newness, it is much more probable wished achieve supremacy.

- Domains .name: It comes from the English €œyam€ that means €œname€, reason why it is a totally new option to register our own name or nickname.

- Territorial domains:

This type of domains identifies the origin of the company. For example .com .mx, is identifying of Mexico .es of Spain, .fr of France€¦. Unlike the domains before mentioned, this type of domains they are granted whenever the applicant satisfies the requirements imposed by each country. 
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