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Common questions | VPS | Hybrid Server

What is a VPS?
VPS means Virtual Private Servers. VPS is an isolated servant that shares the hardware of an only physical servant nevertheless works as an independent servant in whom it will be able to realise his own applications, it can be reinitiated independently, it has his own access of root, ip's, users, memory, processes, ports, etc.

That it is a Hybrid Server?
A hybrid is the combination of a powerful servant of enterprise class with virtualization technology. Each hybrid is isolated and guarantees the use of the resources to its disposition thus obtains a high level of yield and capacity of answer. A hybrid servant combines all the advantages of the technology of virtualization with the yield of a dedicated servant.

What is Virtuozzo and SolousVM?
Shelp of simple way, it is the technology, that allows us to create VPS servers isolated in an only physical servant.

What is ram memory? Guaranteed?
It is the amount of memory assigned to his VPS, that can use at any time.

Which are the advantages of a VPS/Hybrid Server?
VPS Hybrid Server offers the functions and characteristics to him of a dedicated servant administered, but to a smaller price. You have plenary session control of his VPS/Hybrid Server, including total access root to install his own nonviable applications in surroundings of shared lodging. A VPS/Hybrid Server allows a greater freedom him to much more execute sequences of commandos who are not allowed in surroundings of shared lodging, as the shipment of a mail list, in a VPS he can create remarketer accounts, and.

Which is the difference between a VPS/Hybrid Server and shared lodging?
A VPS/Hybrid Server is means isolated with its own resources, whereas in surroundings of shared lodging the resources of the servant are shared between all the accounts in the servant. On a shared environment that is limited to use the functions allowed by their supplier, whereas in deprived isolated virtual surroundings he is free to deactivate/to activate the characteristics adapted for his website

How I can administer my VPS/Hybrid Server?
The VPS/Hybrid Server come with three Control Panels. The panel administration control that can be SolousVM or Virtuozzo, Webhost Manager (WHM), and cPanel.

SolousVM or Virtuozzo is the Control Panel of administration of the servant. It allows him to initiate or to stop his VPS/Hybrid Server. To supervise the use of the resources of its VPS/Hybrid Server, to reinitiate a service, to see the disc space, backup copy/to recover it, and to return to install it.

WHM is the Control Panel of administration. It allows the management and creation of accounts of lodging in his VPS/Hybrid Server. Some functions that can realise are to create and to manage all the accounts of lodging, limit of space in disc, bandwidth, accounts of e-mail, e-mail, to change passwords of accounts, to verify the state of the servant.

cPanel is the Control Panel of lodging accounts that allow him to manage the account of individual lodging. Between its functions they are included to create/to eliminate e-mail accounts, to see statistics of the website, to see information of use of the bandwidth of the account, parked management of domains, subdomains, domains, to administer and to create data bases mysql, to add/to eliminate accounts FTP, to use pre-installed tools outposts as cron jobs, protection of hotlink, access to scripts.

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