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VPS and Hybrid Server Hosting
Virtual Private servant - All the benefits of a servant dedicated to smaller price
Servers VPS based on storage systems RAID 10 with enterprise hard disks and great plans of storage. We have created surroundings of ideal lodging VPS. Our plans of VPS can be updated at any time, which allows that its business grows, at the same time as maintains low its general expenses and maximizes its gains. Also we offer the optional implementation of these VPS with cPanel and the Web server NginX, complete MySQL, XCache, InnoDB, MyISIAM and the optimization of php with personal adjustments of routine to take its yield to another level. In addition, we can specifically form and optimize his VPS for WordPress, which is in improved speeds of load for its websites based on blogs, independent of the amount of traffic that receives. This is an area in which we specialized.
Plans and Prices
_____________________________________ ________________ _____________________________________
VPS Hosting
VPS Essential
Express VPS 1
Express VPS 2
Express VPS 3
$75 USD Monthly or
$825 USD Annual
  $87 USD Monthly or
$957 USD Annual
$120 USD Monthly or
$1320 USD Annual
$155 USD Monthly or
$1705 USD Annual
Disc space
120 GB150 GB250 GB
300 GB
Ram memory
2 GB4 GB5 GB6 GB
15 TV
17 TV20 TV
20 TV
Hard disk SSD
You certify SSL Free
Powerful E5 Server

2 directions IP

cPanel/WHM Free

Enterprise servers mark Dell
Backups free
Totally managed
Fast scalability
Guaranteed nuclei of CPU
Hardware VPS of enterprise class
High Performance
Complete access root
Assigned CPU guaranteed
Domains and limitless Accounts
RAM supplying guaranteed
Totally superfluous network
Reliability without equal
99,9 SLA
Optimized and protected
Premium Data Transfer
Migration Free
Fast Disk I/O
Without Quota of installation
And much m¡

To be able, scalability and accessibility - more guaranteed nuclei of CPU in selected servers

Our VPS count on HDD of solid state (SSD), much more fast that the regular hard disks to guarantee the maximum yield and reliability.
Each servant includes the administration and can more or less be customized to his taste with memory, hard disks, speeds of port and bandwidth.
Our network is connected to important suppliers, reason why it guarantees a constant connection and a superior shipment of data, being a connectivity to Internet from first order and great accessibility.

Our line of servers is connected to a premium network of low latency, with totally superfluous infrastructure.
We use only hardware of enterprise level, that offers a yield and a reliability superior.

Ours   experience allows to evaluate and to solve tickets as rapidly as possible us.
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